Our Mission

NovaTomato’s mission is to empower Content Creators and Brands to build their own sustainable branded apparel on our platform. We developed a proprietary technology that responds to the customization needs of our customers. Our tools and resources allow for you to diversify into fashion and monetize your influence. We allow you to do this in a socially responsible way.

Never worry about negotiating fees with suppliers, or dealing with inventory calculations or understanding delivery schedules - We take care of that. Just focus on building your brand and selling your products.


Our Credibility

We’ve taken our expertise and resources into branded fashion apparel. We want to support the next generation of Content Creators by expanding their engagement with their fans. We help them source premium quality products, even with a unit order of one. With our proprietary Smart Manufacturing software, we can produce customized garments in real-time. We call this ‘make-to-order’, made fresh with no inventory, no warehousing, no cash up-front.

It’s sustainable, it’s reliable, it’s the way business should be.


Our Commitment to the Planet

We believe in creating a sustainable future. Our fashion apparel is made responsibly and benefits the environment. We only work with certified manufacturers that also produce sustainable garments for top global brands. You get the same high standards conceived by leading fashion designers. Once it’s produced, we package your product in recyclable material and drop-ship directly to your customers. There is zero production waste. There is no middle person we deliver to, helping to minimize the environmental impact of your order. In addition, we support charities and organizations that align with our values.

We are creating a sustainable business ecosystem, a winning proposition for your customers and the planet.


Innovative Technology

We have developed proprietary technology that helps shape your ideas into branded apparel that you can call your own. It’s not simply printing a T-shirt, but designing it on a beautiful blank canvas that a leading designer created for you. Our NovaTomato Design Lab allows you to manage and create inspiring collections that reflect your personality. It’s intuitive, visual, and fun to use.

Our NovaTomato AI Design will assist you in taking simple images and shapes and turning them into a masterpiece that looks stylish on apparel using AI. It can generate patterns that are one-of-a-kind that you can only dream about. Easily create your own fashion collection that your fans will love and buy - all within our NovaTomato platform.


Our Service Guarantee

We care about you and the planet. We believe that building the future requires us to look after the needs of both in a responsible and ethical way. That’s why we stand behind all of the products we produce for you, ensuring everything is made, cut, and hand-finished with the utmost care and accuracy.

We only work with certified suppliers with the highest level of ethics, compliance and social track records. It’s our commitment to doing business.