Custom Family Christmas Shirt Ideas: Celebrating the Season in Style

By Rebekah Carter|Posted on 12 December 2022
Custom Family Christmas Shirt Ideas: Celebrating the Season in Style

Custom family Christmas shirts have exploded in popularity over the last few years. After all, while we all appreciate a great Christmas sweater, not everyone wants to wrap themselves in layers of wool and cotton during the festive season. A Christmas shirt can offer a versatile alternative to the traditional Christmas garment, suitable for almost any festive occasion.

Not only are custom Christmas shirts a little easier to wear than their chunky counterparts, but they can have a number of other benefits too. Creating a custom set of matching family shirts is often a lot cheaper than designing your own sweaters. Plus, thanks to print-on-demand technology, there’s virtually no limit on the unique designs you can choose from.

If you’re looking for some inspiration to help you create the perfect apparel for the festive season, or you’re exploring the benefits of selling custom Christmas shirts through your own ecommerce store, you’re in the right place.

Our Design Selection for Your Personalized Christmas Family Shirts

NovaTomato is a leading print-on-demand company, committed to working with individuals and business owners alike on the development of stunning, high-quality garments. Unlike other POD brands, we deliver only premium quality, collaborating with some of the top manufacturers in the fashion industry to source comfortable, long-lasting materials.

Thanks to our flexible printing approach, we can turn virtually any design into a stunning Christmas shirt, whether you’re looking to replicate the fun of an ugly sweater in t-shirt form, or you want a matching collection of shirts for your whole family. Here are just some of the options we can offer:

Ugly Shirts

The ugly sweater is a staple of the festive season for many families. In fact, around the world, friends and colleagues even host their own “ugly sweater competitions”, awarding prizes to people who can create the most outlandish, garish, and shocking designs.

If you’re looking to have a little fun this festive season, you can create your own custom Christmas shirt from scratch, with as many bright colors and vivid patterns as you like. Go wild with wacky motifs and tacky designs, and watch your shirt bring a smile to anyone’s face.

Ugly shirts Custom Family Christmas Shirt Ideas: Celebrating the Season in Style

Shirts with Elves

One of the best ways for families to enjoy matching Christmas shirts, is to embellish their t-shirts with their own unique elf design. You can use pre-existing templates and graphics with elf images, and even add your own personalized elements. For instance, you could assign a specific elf with its own name and accessories to each member of your family.

Your mother in law’s shirt might feature a blonde elf holding a cellphone in one hand a glass of wine in the other, while your father in law’s elf could be working on a project with hammers and screwdrivers. You could even add statements like “I’m the [blank] elf”.

Shirts with Elves Custom Family Christmas Shirt Ideas: Celebrating the Season in Style

Funny Christmas Shirts

Christmas is a time for fun and laughter. The right shirt can instantly break the ice, and get everyone in the right mood when handling those hectic family get-togethers. With numerous font choices to choose from, you can add all kinds of funny slogans and puns to your shirts.

For instance, you might use a design featuring a sausage dog with the phrase “Dachshund through the snow” written above it. Or you could create a shirt with a bottle of festive gin on the front, with the phrase “gin-gle all the way” written beneath. The options are endless.

Funny Christmas Shirts Custom Family Christmas Shirt Ideas: Celebrating the Season in Style

Retro Christmas Shirts

Nostalgia can also be a wonderful theme for a collection of matching family Christmas shirts. With the right print on demand provider, you’ll be able to upload all kinds of different designs onto your shirts, referencing meaningful moments from your family’s past.

You could use retro imagery like camper vans and old-fashioned telephones to connect to the past, or use vintage colors in your design.

Retro Christmas Shirts Custom Family Christmas Shirt Ideas: Celebrating the Season in Style

Festive Christmas Shirts

If you want to keep things simple, why not just choose some basic festive imagery to add to your Christmas shirts? You can experiment with a wide range of different designs, including everything from snowflakes and Christmas trees, to angels and stars.

To make your shirt particularly unique to you and your family, you can always add a little message on the front or back. For instance, you might include the phrase “Smith Family Christmas 2022”.

Festive Christmas Shirts Custom Family Christmas Shirt Ideas: Celebrating the Season in Style

How Can NovaTomato Help You to Create Your Custom Family Christmas Shirts

Here at NovaTomato, we specialize in custom apparel design and development. Whether you’re looking to design your very own shirts from scratch for your whole family, or you want to produce garments you can sell through your online store, we can help.

We work hand-in-hand with every customer to help them design the ultimate product from scratch. Our Nova Design Lab is built with AI technology, helping you to generate patterns and unlock limitless inspiration for the most compelling designs. What’s more, because we only use premium quality fabrics, and work with leading manufacturers, you can rest assured your shirts will stand the test of time, so you can use them year after year.

Our unique products are built from the ground up by leading fashion designers, and even come with a range of branding options for companies looking to start their own clothing line. Plus, we take sustainability seriously, using eco-friendly materials, packaging, and components wherever we can, to reduce your impact on the planet.

Want to learn more? Reach out to NovaTomato today to find out how we can help you design the ultimate Christmas shirts for the festive season.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I Have to Order Family Christmas Shirts in Bulk?

Not with NovaTomato. As a print-on-demand company, we don’t require any of our customers to adhere to minimum order quantities. You can order as few or as many shirts as you want, in the exact colors, sizes, and designs that work for you.

Are the Custom Christmas Shirts Available for Kids?

Net yet but we will add very soon sizes for kids to make sure that you can get all the right sizes for everyone in your family.

How Can I Create a Design for My Family Christmas Shirts?

Here at NovaTomato, we make it easy to create stunning Christmas shirts from scratch, even if you don’t have any prior design knowledge. You can use our online design solution to build your patterns from scratch, or access existing templates. We even use AI to help with generating eye-catching patterns and graphics.