Customized Polo Shirt Ideas to Inspire Your Designs

By Rebekah Carter|Posted on 18 April 2023
Customized Polo Shirt Ideas to Inspire Your Designs

Sophisticated, classy, and versatile, custom polo shirts are a popular choice for just about any wardrobe. These comfortable and flexible shirts can be the perfect way to dress up for a formal event, or dress down when you’re relaxing on the weekends.

For more than a century, people from all walks of life have been wearing polo shirts. In fact, they’re particularly common in the sporting world, among tennis and golf players, and in the professional world. Business professionals all over the globe still wear polo shirts as a way of demonstrating their sophistication and credibility today.

If you’ve ever dreamed of creating your own custom polo shirt from scratch, or you’ve thought about selling your designs online as part of a budding fashion collection, you’re in luck. With companies like NovaTomato, it’s never been easier to produce the ideal polo shirt with eco-friendly, comfortable materials, in as many designs and styles as you like.

We’re even going to share some design inspiration here, to get you started.

The Polo Shirt: A Popular, Versatile Garment

Before we dive into some of our polo shirt design ideas, let’s take a closer look at the enduring popularity of this simple garment. The polo shirt is a popular clothing option that’s been around for centuries. Some experts believe the idea for the shirt began in India, during the 1850s, when shirts made from heavy wool were worn by polo players.

Over the years, the popularity of the polo shirt has evolved around the world, and new methods of creating and wearing this garment have emerged. Today’s polo shirts can be made with anything from cotton and polyester to eco-friendly fabrics. Plus, with print-on-demand manufacturers, it’s possible to create polo shirts in any color, or style.

You can create eye-catching shirts with an all-over print pattern, or polo shirts with stylish, minimalistic elements, like a contrasting collar color. Men and women can also dress polo shirts up or down. An attractive shirt and a great skirt or pair of jeans could be the perfect outfit for a relaxing weekend, while a polo and pants combo is ideal for the office.

Polo Shirt Design Ideas: Our Top Suggestions

Provided you work with the right brand on producing your polos, there’s really no limit to what you can create. Design companies like Nova Tomato even have intelligent AI-powered tools available, to help you find the perfect pattern and color combination.

Here are some great ideas for different use cases.

Business Polo Shirts for Corporate and Company Events

The polo shirt is a style icon in the business sector. Often seen as more professional than a standard tee or sweater, a polo shirt screams class and sophistication. Depending on your business, you can experiment with a huge range of styles, from solid color shirts with your logo embroidered on the breast of the shirt, to stripes and color-block options.

Here are some great ways to customize your business polo shirts:

  • Add your company logo or name: Including your company logo or name on your business polo shirts is a great way to draw attention to your business. Many businesses around the world use this method to create a compelling uniform for their employees. You can even choose between embroidered or printed designs, depending on your needs.Add your company logo or name Customized Polo Shirt Ideas to Inspire Your Designs: Celebrating the Season in Style
  • Include your company colors: With intelligent printing technologies, companies can produce custom polo shirts in any combination of colors. You can produce your items in the shade or shades most commonly associated with your brand, using stripes, or color blocking. Include your company colors Customized Polo Shirt Ideas to Inspire Your Designs: Celebrating the Season in Style
  • Add slogans or taglines: Adding a famous slogan or tagline from your company to your business polo shirts is another great way to draw attention to your brand. It sends an important message to everyone who sees your employees wearing one of these professional garments, and ensures your business can stick in the mind of your customer.Add slogans or taglines Customized Polo Shirt Ideas to Inspire Your Designs: Celebrating the Season in Style

Unique and Creative Polo Shirt Designs

Though polo shirts are frequently seen as a professional garment, they can be ideal for casual occasions too. It’s easy to dress up a polo with a beautiful blazer or cardigan, and a few stylish accessories. Plus, with the help of printing companies, you can enhance your polo with any designs you choose, from custom text, to full images. Here are some great ideas:

  • Modern designs: Experiment with modern design trends like contrasting color blocks, abstract patterns, and geometric shapes to really make your polos stand out. You could even consider adding a pattern to the sleeve of your polo shirt, and leaving the rest of the garment simple, for a unique effect.Modern designs Customized Polo Shirt Ideas to Inspire Your Designs: Celebrating the Season in Style
  • All over prints: If you really want to get creative, why not experiment with an all-over print. You could consider adding a unique pattern to your shirt, or use an image you’ve created yourself across the polo. Nova Tomato is one of the few POD companies capable of offering all-over prints on custom polo shirts, and we’ll work with you to get the design just right.All over prints Customized Polo Shirt Ideas to Inspire Your Designs: Celebrating the Season in Style
  • Text and slogans: Add text and slogans to your polo shirt from one of your favorite songs, movies, or television shows to showcase your personality. You can combine the quote with an image, or just leave it as it is. You might even choose to print a motivational phrase onto the back or front of your custom shirts.Text and slogans Customized Polo Shirt Ideas to Inspire Your Designs: Celebrating the Season in Style

Don’t forget, you can also experiment with different materials, adding custom shell buttons and unique elements to various parts of your polo, for a truly individual look.

Uniform Polo Shirts for Professional Settings

Just as polo shirts are fantastic for corporate events and occasions, they can be ideal for various other forms of professional setting too. A polo shirt could be the ideal way to enhance your outfit for a job interview, or simply provide your team with a matching set of uniforms. When choosing a design for professional shirts, it’s important to consider both the audience and the occasion. Some great options to explore include:
  • Monogrammed polos: Monograms are extremely sophisticated and simple. You could print the initials of your name onto the sleeve or breast of your shirt, or even have the letters embroidered on a pocket. Monograms are great for businesses who want to create simple professional shirts for their teams too. Monogrammed polos Customized Polo Shirt Ideas to Inspire Your Designs: Celebrating the Season in Style
  • Stripes and patterns: Simple patterns and stripes can be a great option if you want to create a professional looking polo shirt for any setting. Stick to colors that work well together, and try not to go too over the top with complicated patterns. Something straightforward, like polka dots could be a great option. Stripes and patterns Customized Polo Shirt Ideas to Inspire Your Designs: Celebrating the Season in Style
  • Contrast collars: One of the best ways to make a custom polo shirt look unique without having to invest in much design work, is to add a contrasting collar. A collar in a color that works well with the rest of your shirt is a subtle way to draw attention to your garment.Contrast collars Customized Polo Shirt Ideas to Inspire Your Designs: Celebrating the Season in Style

Other Personalized Polo Shirt Designs

If you’re just looking for a way to showcase your unique personality with your polo shirt design, there are plenty of options to experiment with. If you choose the right printing company to work with, you can add everything from funny quotes to images to your shirts. Some other great ways to personalize your polo shirt include:

  • Bespoke shirts: Bespoke shirts with a personal touch can come in a range of different forms. You might add your name to your shirt, or the name of a person you’re going to be giving the garment to. If you’re gifting a shirt for an anniversary, you could monogram the design with the initials of you and your partner, and add the date of your wedding.Bespoke shirts Customized Polo Shirt Ideas to Inspire Your Designs: Celebrating the Season in Style
  • Message shirts: Adding text to a polo shirt is a fantastic way to make it more unique to you. The message could be something funny, like a joke or a pun, or it could be more serious. You might experiment with motivational quotes, or even messages that draw attention to a cause or charity you’re passionate about.Message shirts Customized Polo Shirt Ideas to Inspire Your Designs: Celebrating the Season in Style
  • Image polo shirts: While adding a full graphic to a polo shirt isn’t as common as including a picture on a standard tee, it’s still possible. You could use a simple, minimalistic design, printed onto the breast pocket, sleeve, or back of your polo shirt.Image polo shirts Customized Polo Shirt Ideas to Inspire Your Designs: Celebrating the Season in Style

Create a Custom Polo Shirt Today

Hopefully, the ideas above have given you some of the initial inspiration you need to start designing your own custom polo shirts. If you already have a fantastic idea for an attractive garment in mind, you can start bringing it to life straight away with Nova Tomato.

Use our AI design lab to experiment with your polo shirt designs, and see how they’ll look in a range of different materials, in various colors. Once you send your design to us, we’ll handle all of the hard work for you, working with the best manufacturers to create the perfect shirt.

We even utilize high-quality eco-friendly fabrics and inks, to ensure the shirts we develop never have a negative impact on the planet. Get in touch today to see how we can help you create your own line of custom polo shirts.


How Can I Be Stylish With a Polo Shirt?

Being stylish with a polo shirt is simple, these garments automatically look sophisticated and professional in just about any setting. If you want to make sure you’re having the right impression, make sure you select a polo shirt with a great fit, made of high-quality materials.

What Are the Features of a Good Polo Shirt?

A good polo shirt should fit well, and feel comfortable to wear. The best shirts are breathable and flexible, and feature stunning designs that are both subtle and eye-catching at the same time. Good polo shirts are usually durable too, and can withstand regular usage.

What Are the Best Colors for Polo Shirts?

There’s no one-size-fits-all answer here. The best color for your polo shirt will depend on you! Although most polo shirts generally feature relatively simple colors, if you work with the right printing and manufacturing company, there’s no limit to the shades you can explore.