The Best Influencer Merch Stores from TikTok and YouTube Stars in 2023

By Sarah|Posted on 27 January 2023

The best influencer merch stores are evidence that the creator economy is thriving.

We're living in the world where the majority of shopping takes place online, through mobile apps, ecommerce stores, and social channels. However, it's not just how people shop for products that's evolving, but how they research and form connections with brands too.

Influencers are rapidly taking over as the new "celebrity". As of 2022, Influencer marketing was a $16.4 billion industry, and it's still growing. Thanks to their relatable content, focus on relationship development, and unique approach to connecting with fans, Influencers have some excellent opportunities for monetizing their online presence.

In the last couple of years, we've seen countless influential figures launching their own stores and services, creating apps, and building websites. However, one of the most effective ways to monetize your influencer strategy is still the simplest: selling merch.

Through merchandise, influencers can connect with their audience and strengthen their brand, while making additional revenue. The challenge is figuring out how to create a merch store that stands above the crowd, in a time where almost anyone can become an influencer.

10 Successful Influencer Merch Stores for Inspiration

There's no one-size-fits-all strategy for creating an Influencer merch store. Some creators make incredible revenue from the production of unique products, while others simply print designs and slogans on everyday items. However, if you're not sure where to get started with your social merchandise strategy, it can be helpful to check out some of the existing innovators in the space.

Here are some great influencer merch stores worth checking out in 2023.

YouTube Merch Stores

Let's start with a selection of the top YouTube merch stores. Visual platforms like YouTube are excellent for influencers looking to generate merchandise sales, because they provide an environment for rapidly engaging and collecting new leads. Here are some stores you might be familiar with if you’ve ever visited an influencer shop before.

  • 1. Zach King
  • Zach King has been pursuing fame since the age of 7, when he received his first video camera. In college, he created the "Jedi Kittens" video, which eventually went viral, and catapulted him into an era of social media success. Over the years, Zach has expanded his presence across social media, creating content for his YouTube channel, TikTok, and Instagram.

    Today followers from all over the world buy products from Zach King's store, ranging from branded tees and tank tops to custom card decks and comic books.

  • 2. PewDiePie
  • No list of YouTube merch stores would be complete without a reference to one of YouTube's biggest influencers. With nearly 100 million subscribers, PewDiePie has taken the creator economy by storm, with a gaming channel that’s now an internet phenomenon. PewDiePie's merchandise store is brimming with a host of different products, featuring images and statements from his videos.

    He offers a lot of hooded custom sweatshirts, with a graphic on the front and writing on the sleeves. PewDiePie also regularly creates new product lines to appeal to a wider range of customers on social media, discovering his videos every day.

  • 3. Dude Perfect
  • Dude Perfect is a channel all about having fun with your friends. The group of content producers constantly test out new products, prank each other, and come up with new ways to grab audience attention. They have millions of subscribers, particularly among younger audiences. As you might expect, the group's merch game is excellent.

    The Dude Perfect store is home to all kinds of products, with lots of different designs, colors, and garment options. The designs appeal to a colorful group of younger viewers, and it's constantly advertised by the brand across all of their videos.

  • 4. Jake Paul
  • Despite some controversy, Jake Paul has become one of the biggest, most popular content creators of all time. He got his start on Vine, before branching out into YouTube, and even starring in a Disney sitcom a little later on. Jake specializes in creating comedy videos, but he also shares insights into his everyday life on a regular basis.

    While Jake's merch store isn't the most expansive, it does offer access to a wide range of great products, ranging from dad hats, to custom tees.

  • 5. Joe Wicks
  • A British fitness coach who has captured the hearts of countless people over the years, Joe Wicks has written various best-selling cookbooks, and even starts in his own television show. He shares videos on his YouTube channel, and provides tips on how to stay happy and healthy across his website and Instagram platforms too.

    Joe's merchandise store is brimming with great options for both adults and children alike. There are tons of different items to choose from, often sporting famous quotes from the social media star.

    TikTok Merch Stores

    While there's plenty of scope for social media influencers on YouTube to produce their own merchandise shop, the opportunities are growing elsewhere too. TikTok has become a virtual hub for influencers, content creators, and merch sellers in the last couple of years. It's particularly ideal for companies trying to reach a younger audience. Here are some great examples of YouTube merch stores worth checking out this year.

  • 1. Charli D'Amelio
  • Currently the biggest start on TikTok, Charli started her channel in 2019, and had quickly developed a massive following within a matter of months. Her choreographed dance routines rapidly launched her into stardom, introducing countless opportunities for promotional deals and sponsorships. She's even had a place in her own Super Bowl commercial.

    Charli only offers a handful of different merchandise items, but she's a great insight into how just a few products can make a huge difference. All of her merch is carefully crafted to reflect her unique brand identity.

  • 2. Dixie D'Amelio
  • Though Dixie might not be quite as large as Charli just yet, she's still one of the biggest stars on the TikTok platform. Known for her choreography and dance videos, she's earned a spot in Hype House, as well as various sponsorship and promotional deals. Like Charli, Dixie keeps her merch collection minimal, but she always seems to know what her followers want.

    From custom hoodies to t-shirts , Dixie produces a range of products in her own unique styles which keep customers coming back for more.

  • 3. Allie + Sam
  • The world's favorite same sex married couple, Allie and Sam are beacons of good vibes and loving energy. They document their adventures together to share with their followers, including the path to becoming mothers, making them highly authentic and engaging influencers.

    The pair's merchandise store has featured a number of great products over the years, including the stunning Rainbow Love Collection, which features beautiful illustrations in soft and neutral colors. There's also a range of different items to choose from, including mugs and tees.

  • 4. Brittany Lupton
  • One of the most famous fitness trainers on YouTube and TikTok, Brittany is a woman with a passion for fitness, motivation, and education. She does her best to inspire her followers to live a healthy and happy life. She's also heavily invested in making women feel better about themselves.

    Brittany has produced a few different collections for her merch store over the years. The products in the "Every Day is a Fresh Start" collection are particularly popular, with handwritten font slogans, and beautiful designs.

  • 5. Marleigh and Chris
  • One of the most adorable influencer combos on social media, Chris Rooney and his niece run the @theyeeetbaby account on TikTok. The videos revolve around his beautiful niece, and her funny antics and catchphrases. The merch store created by Chris builds on the adorable things said by his niece during videos, such as "Just send it".

    Many of the designs chosen for the products on this store are relatively simple, but they've become a huge magnet for followers over the years.

    How to Start Your Own Influencer Merch Business

    If you're inspired by the merch stores and products above, you might be wondering whether you can jump in and get a piece of the action. Starting your own influencer merch business doesn't have to be as complex as it seems-but it does require a little careful planning and strategy.

    Here are a few quick tips to get you started.

  • 1. Know Your Audience
  • "Who buys influencer merch products?" is one of the first questions you'll need to ask yourself before you start designing. The good news is that the answer is "just about anyone". Anyone who loves an influencer will usually purchase their products to show their support. So, all you really need to do is get a good feel for your target audience and their preferences.

    Think about the kind of items your customers want to buy, and the unique things that will make your items stand out from the crowd, such as catchphrases and slogans.

  • 2. Choose Popular Merch Products
  • Once you know who your audience is, your next step is choosing the right merch products to create. You'll have a good idea of what customers like to buy after reviewing some of the competing options above. Although you might want to sell a wide range of different products, it's best to keep things relatively simple at first, with low-cost, but high-quality items.

    In general, around 90% of the top-selling merch stores sell t-shirts as their number one product. Custom hoodies, hats, and mugs are also extremely common. Depending on your niche, you might branch out into extra items like tote bags and socks.

  • 3. Find Your Platform
  • After deciding what kind of products, you're going to sell, the next stage is deciding how you're going to create those products. The chances are you won't have the funding or experience required to start making items from scratch, so it's best to look into other options, like print-on-demand selling.

    Print-on-demand companies like Gelato, Printful, and Printify all provide a unique way to quickly add your own design to a range of products, and promote your items on any store. If you really want to set yourself apart from the competition, choose NovaTomato for your product creation.

    They not only offer excellent sustainability with eco-friendly products, but their items are all premium quality, created by the most reputable manufacturers around. NovaTomato also gives you more options to personalize your products, so they don't look just like everyone else's.

  • 4. Start Marketing
  • Promotion is key to selling anything-even your own custom merch. The good news is if you already have a strong following as an influencer, you shouldn't have too much of a problem showcasing your merch collection. Wear your items in your videos to draw attention to them, and consider using pop-ups, buttons, and scroll-in ads on videos to help push customers towards your store.

    You can include links to your merch store in your video and post descriptions, and even take advantage of social media ads to expand your reach. If you're looking for a way to find additional customers, you might even consider partnering with other influencers for promotion.

    Do you Still Have Questions About Influencer Merch?

    Still wondering about influencer merch? Here are some quick questions and answers.

    Do people buy influencer merch?

    Absolutely! Just like people love purchasing products which feature their favorite celebrities, they also enjoy buying items related to their favorite influencers. People like buying influencer merch to support creators, and showcase their values to their friends and loved ones.

    Can I make money selling merch?

    It's entirely possible to make a lot of cash selling influencer merch. However, you will need to have the right strategy. Make sure you build an avid following, and connect with your fans whenever you can to preserve relationships. It's also worth ensuring you choose the right printing partner to keep the quality of your products high, and maintain your profit margins.

    How many followers should you have before selling merch?

    You don't necessarily need a huge number of followers before you can start selling merch, but you should have around 5,000 highly engaged fans at a minimum. The more followers you have, the more opportunities you'll have for sales.