The Power of AI for Print-on-Demand Store Owners

By Rebekah Carter|Posted on 26 May 2023
The Power of AI for Print-on-Demand Store Owners

In the last few years, AI (Artificial Intelligence) has evolved from being a complex, futuristic concept, into an everyday part of our lives. Intelligent tools are growing smarter, influencing how we work, live, and connect with others. In the last year alone, we’ve seen a massive transformation in the AI landscape, driven by the introduction of generative AI tools like ChatGPT.

Though the rise of AI has led to some concerns among creators, with some suggesting the technology might one day replace human workers, the truth is this tool can deliver a lot of benefits in the right circumstances. For POD (Print-on-Demand) store owners, for instance, AI solutions can make it easier to create art designs for custom products, produce product listings, and even research the trends of the modern marketplace.

Here's everything you need to know about the potential benefits of using AI to take your print-on-demand business to the next level.

How AI Supports POD Store Owners

AI has long delivered dividends to the business world. 61% of employees say that AI in their workplace makes them more productive, and countless business leaders already rely on artificial intelligence to generate insights into their target audience, and their purchasing preferences.

For Print-on-Demand store owners, however, AI has only recently begun to step into the spotlight. The rise of generative AI tools, such as ChatGPT, has introduced a new way for designers and creatives to augment their processes, and develop amazing products.

Just some of the main ways business leaders in the POD space can use AI include:

1. Finding Design Inspiration

AI is a phenomenal tool for market research. While sorting through huge volumes of industry data manually would take a business leader weeks, an AI algorithm can do it in minutes.

With an AI bot like ChatGPT, business leaders can quickly ask for insights about design trends, or request ideas for seasonal products. You can even use AI to process data you’ve already collected in your ecommerce store, spotting trends and patterns in purchasing behaviors in an instant.

2. Reducing Operational Costs

Although running a print-on-demand business is often less expensive than starting a traditional store from scratch, there are still expenses to consider.

For instance, if you need to pay designers to come up with design ideas for your new products, you’re going to miss out on a portion of your profit margins. AI solutions can create design ideas on your behalf, with nothing more than a handful of prompts. There are even AI design tools out there that can enhance your existing designs for you.

3. Save Time on Running Your Business

Time is one of the most valuable commodities you have as a business owner. If you’re running a small print on demand store, the chances are you have a lot of tasks to do, from delivering customer service, to promoting your brand, and managing sales strategies. AI can help to save you time, so you can focus on more valuable day-to-day tasks.

For instance, you can use AI solutions to automate processes like tracking order and inventory counts. You can also leverage generative AI tools to create content for product listings, social media posts, and anything else you might want to use to promote your store. ChatGPT can even help with creating high-quality titles and tag ideas.

The 4 Best AI Tools for POD Store Owners

Since AI is still in its nascent stages in the print on demand landscape, it’s worth making sure you know exactly what to look for when seeking out the right tools. Ultimately the best resources should be easy to use, and effective at saving your business time and money.

Some of our favorite AI tools for print on demand business owners include:

1. ChatGPT: The Killer Tool for Any Product Research Purpose


There’s a reason why ChatGPT has generated so much hype in the last year. It can actually deliver some amazing insights and support to business owners in any industry. The generative AI solution makes it easy to research important facts about your target audience, track industry trends, and even get suggestions on how to enhance your marketing campaigns.

You can use ChatGPT to generate product descriptions and other valuable content for your site, so all you need to do is make a few tweaks to create a fully search engine optimized store. Plus, ChatGPT can also provide tips and tricks on how to enhance your business, by helping you to understand your customer’s needs, opportunities in your market, and marketing strategies.

2. Midjourney: Create Design Elements Without Skills


Ideal for POD store owners who need help creating art and designs for their customized products, Midjourney is a comprehensive AI-enhanced design tool. It’s based on a chatroom service (Discord), and does require a little extra practice if you want to make sure you’re getting the most out of the service. However, with a little practice, you can use Midjourney to produce amazing designs.

All you really need to do is input a command into the system, and the AI will give you a range of visual options to choose from based on what you create. Even if you don’t get the ideal design for your new product this way, you’re sure to end up with plenty of inspiration for your new designs.

3. Microsoft Designer: Make Fast Designs in Flash

Microsoft Designer

Another fantastic resource for AI-infused design, Microsoft Designer is a simple and straightforward tool anyone can use to create visual assets. The solution allows companies to create everything from signs and visual social media posts, to invitations, logos, and website banners.

You can upload your own images and tweak them with the AI algorithm, or ask the system to create something from scratch. There are plenty of templates to choose from to get you started, plus you can change the colors and components of each design to suit your specific needs. There’s even apps available for iOS and Android.

4. NovaTomato Designer AI Pattern Generator

NovaTomato Designer AI Pattern Generator

If you’re looking for the simplest way to bring AI into your creative process, why not use an app that’s already offered by a leading Print on Demand solution provider? NovaTomato, a world-leader in eco-friendly, intuitive designs, offers access to a comprehensive AI design tool, to assist creators in producing the best designs from scratch.

All you need to do is select a specific theme for your design, and the AI system will suggest themes and patterns for you to choose from. The powerful technology is perfect for creating unique designs on the go, without the need to invest in any artistic support. You can also place your designs on any product you want to produce when you’re done, and mockup a digital version of your product.

How to Use AI to Create Designs for Your Store?

In the past, using AI to design products for your store might have sounded like a daunting prospect. However, thanks to today’s innovative tools, it’s easier than ever to get started. You can begin by typing prompts into ChatGPT for free, to generate ideas based on the trends in your industry, or to find out more about your target audience.

Once you’ve gotten an idea to work with, use a tool like the NovaTomato Designer AI Pattern generator to experiment with different patterns, and explore how they’re likely to look on your products. You can then transfer your designs to the NovaTomato team, who will create your products according to your exact specifications, and ship them to customers on-demand whenever they make a purchase. The on-demand model ensures you don’t have to pay anything until you’ve already made a sale, so you can experiment with as many designs as you like.

With your design ready to go, order a sample so you can snap some perfect photos for your store, and ask ChatGPT to help you create the perfect search-optimized product description. It’s as simple as that! Contact NovaTomato today to learn more about how we’re using AI to empower our creators to produce the most incredible fashion-on-demand products around.


Still unsure about the impact of AI on Print on Demand?

Let’s see if we can answer some of your questions.

Is It Legal to Use AI for a Commercial Purpose?

It all depends on how you use the service. According to most AI developers, the art generated by an AI system, as well as the product descriptions and other assets should be free to use for commercial reasons. However, it is worth double checking for any plagiarism issues, just in case. If the model you use is trained to use copyrighted images, it might not be suitable for POD.

What Are the Recommended AI for Print-on-Demand?

There are plenty of AI tools you can use to enhance your Print on Demand store. Microsoft Designer and Midjourney can both help you to create stunning AI-generated art. While ChatGPT is fantastic for audience research and the creation of website copy, NovaTomato’s AI design lab is particularly well-suited to Print-on-Demand companies, as it allows you to experiment with patterns, and even see what your designs will look like on your custom items.

Should I Use AI to Start a POD Business in 2023?

If you’re launching a print on demand business and you want a little extra help making sure your venture is a success, then AI could be an incredible tool. The right resources can help you create unique designs, save time writing product descriptions, and even learn more about your audience. You could find working with AI helps you to cut costs, and boost the profitability of your business.