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Why Should I Create Custom Hoodies with NovaTomato?

Unique Hoodie: A Premium Option for Streetwear Styles

NovaTomato offers a diverse hoodie collection (including relaxed styles with drop shoulder designs, front patch designs inspired by high-end fashion brands, and crop styles with zippers).

Each hoodie is different from the commoditized white-label brand hoodies on the market.

The strings in the hoodies from the luxury collection are carefully selected. The extra heavy fabric makes our hoodies premium to the touch and comfortable to wear.

Creative Freedom

Creating a customized design is the only way to go if you are looking for a unique hoodie.

Our Design Lab can help you make a one-of-a-kind design. It offers a wide range of FREE patterns for use and millions of smart designs (thanks to our AI pattern generator).


You can focus on the design and promotion of your products. When an order is placed, NovaTomator fulfills the orders and ships them directly to your customer under your brand’s name.

Promote Your Brand Online

We provide a brand customization service for the wash label and hang tags for FREE. This is an additional, unique way to promote your brand!

Customize Hoodies with NovaTomato

How to Create Custom Hoodies with NovaTomato

Open an Account
Open an Account
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Choose Hoodies
Choose Hoodies
Choose a hoodie and start customizing with our Design Lab
Add Hoodies to your Store
Add Hoodies to your Store
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Promote Hoodies Online
Promote Hoodies Online
Promote your hoodies and brand online to boost sales

Start Your New Fashion Line with Customized Hoodies

Relaxed Versatile Fit Hoodie

Cool, cotton-feel, double-layered hood, soft-to-the-touch, great for streetwear styles

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It's Time to Make Custom Hoodies. Are You Ready?

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it easy to design hoodies if I'm not a professional designer?

Yes! Our main goal is to make everyone feel at ease when designing products, even without any professional design experience. You can design hoodies like a pro with our Design Lab! Please contact our Care Team if you need any additional assistance.

Can I make a pattern with my uploaded image?

Sure! You can use your uploaded image as a pattern or as is. You can also remove the background of the uploaded image you will upload.

How do I wash the hoodies?

Our Hoodie has a sewn-on wash label that explains how to wash it. Please do not add fabric softener or bleach. Do not iron or dry clean. Tumble dry only. Follow these steps to take good care of your hoodies.

Can I order sample hoodies?

Yes! We strongly suggest experiencing our premium quality hoodies first-hand.