Custom Merchandise for Any Activity

Print-on-Demand clothing for any situation
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Customize Premium Apparel for Any Situation


Sell fashionable branded merchandise to your online audience and communities. This applies to:

  • - YouTubers
  • - TikTokers
  • - Bands
  • - Gamers
  • - Livestreamers
Companies and Organizations
Companies and Organizations

Customize premium quality, fashionable clothing to support multiple activities:

  • - Branded merch for promotion
  • - Corporate uniforms with fully customized hoodies or sweaters
  • - Team and association jerseys
  • - Eco-friendly shirts for companies with high CSR

Create custom merchandise for special occasions:

  • - Political events (t-shirts, hoodies, etc.)
  • - Fundraising events (t-shirts, hoodies, sweatshirts, etc.)
  • - Sports jerseys (golf, marathons, cycling, etc.)

Why Should You Create Custom Apparel with NovaTomato?

Premium, Stylish Products

We work with talented fashion designers, use premium materials, and cooperate with leading apparel brands’ manufacturers to create our unique apparel collection.

NovaTomato helps users build merchandise to their exact specifications, which creates additional value for your brand(s) or audience.

Create a Design Easily

Creating custom merch with NovaTomato is easy and fun!

NovaTomato Design Lab allows users to upload personal images or choose from a vast library of patterns. Users can also access our AI pattern generator to create unlimited smart designs.

Our user-friendly interface makes creating one-of-a-kind apparel a breeze!

Sustainability Engagement

We have a strong engagement towards sustainability. Our products are made of recycled fabric or sustainable materials.

Our made-to-order business model eliminates excessive production waste and reduces the environmental impact in the apparel industry.

Bulk Order and Dropshipping Services

According to different business usages, we can provide bulk order options with an incentive discount of up to 20%.

We also provide dropshipping services to ship the products directly to your end customers. You can also get monthly discounts based on your monthly sales volume.

How to Create Custom Apparel on NovaTomato

Choose Your Clothing Product
Choose Your Clothing Product
Select the clothing from our product category page
Customize with Our Designer
Customize with Our Designer
Customize the merchandise with NovaTomato Design Lab
Add to your store
Add to your store
Link the store and add your designed merchandise to your store
Start to sell online
Start to sell online
Focus on marketing to promote your custom merchandise

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Are You Ready to Make Merchandise with NovaTomato?

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I design the apparel if I'm not a professional designer?

Our easy-to-use Design Lab has a wide range of functions to unleash your creative potential! Create new designs on the apparel freely and easily. Click here for more design tips or contact our Customer Care Team for assistance.

Where can I sell the apparel I have designed?

We recommend setting up an online store with one of our platform integrations so the order can be sent to NovaTomato automatically. This method allows you to focus on business growth. Click here to visit our supported platform and installation steps. Alternatively, you can place orders from our website manually and sell the products offline.

How profitable is apparel merchandise?

According to industry analysts, profit margins range from 4% to 13%. However, the beauty of the apparel industry is that you can choose your niche accordingly and markup your products appropriately to generate better profit margins.

What is the most popular fashion apparel product?

T-shirts are the most popular article of clothing. It is versatile and is worn by virtually everybody.