NovaTomato Design Lab

Create a collection with unlimited possibilities


Upload your designs and edit them with our image library. Change the pattern, experiment with different colors, add text, change the font, and much more. Our NovaTomato Design Lab has a wide range of functionalities that helps unleash your creative potential.


NovaTomato AI Design

From novice to expert, we have a tool that can help you create amazing patterns on your apparel. Using a simple animal, flower or background image, we can create themes that resonate and show up beautifully. You can design different elements of a single product - like the front of a shirt, the back, the sleeves or the collar. Our NovaTomato AI Design can assist you in creating millions of unique designs, giving you something different to offer to your followers.

Customized Placeholders

Customized Placeholders

Before finalizing your design, you can leave a placeholder area to add slogans, names, or any text for customers to customize. This is a unique feature you can offer customers that want a deeper level of customization with their apparel.

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